November 28, 2023

Jay-Jay Okocha was so good during a career in 2016, that Samuel Eto’o called for the bench to take out the Nigerian.

His career ended after a second spell in England at Hull City in 2008, but eight years later he put his boots on in a certification match.

At the time, aged 42, the former Nigeria star played in Joseph Yobo’s Testimony and was in such great shape that the opposition was begging for his replacement.

During the match, Eto’o signaled to the opponent’s bench for a substitution and then began to push his opponent off the field, with both men laughing, before the former Barcelona star decided to surrender.

The likes of Yaya Toure, Kolo Toure, John Terry, Aaron Mokoena, Andre Ayew and Nwankwo Kanu, along with Okocha and Ito, participated in the match.

Yobo was part of his XI squad against the Super Eagles XI, with David Moyes taking charge of the first team, having managed the former Everton centre-back.

Despite all the huge names that were in the match, it was Okocha who stole the show with all his tricks and running to get the goons out of the opponent.

He started things off with a no-look pass just 20 seconds into the match, and from there he continued the same mess, as the opponent couldn’t really live with it.

It only took 23 minutes for Eto’o to beg for him to walk off the field, which isn’t a bad thing for a man who hasn’t played for the past six years.

Okocha during the days of Bolton. Photo: scientific

Eto’o was clearly a big fan of Okocha that day, but wasn’t always happy to admit when the player was good enough to beat him.

The Cameroon legend helped Barcelona win the treble under Pep Guardiola, before moving to Inter Milan and doing the same with them under Jose Mourinho.

The former Real Mallorca striker immediately responded to the suggestion, saying: “No. He played with me it is different. Messi played with me. I did not play with Messi. In my time, Messi played with me, it is completely different. It is completely different.”

You can watch the full features of Okocha’s performance below:

It’s unlikely that Ito would watch that mind…

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