December 5, 2023

Davant Adams She is one of the most mysterious names heading towards 2022-23 NFL season.

The five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver was undoubtedly Aaron Rodgers’ most memorable playmaker throughout most of Rodgers’ career, and he has a significant stake in Rodgers’ most recent showing as the best player.

Adams outlasted one other receiver (Cooper Kupp) in multiple receiving categories last season, including receptions (123), yards (1553) and receiving first touchdowns (84). He also finished fifth in the NFL in the TDs (11), after a catch (613) yards.

Adams is generally near the top of the future leaderboard on a seasonal basis, and although many people would argue that Rodgers is largely responsible for his success, some would argue that Adams plays a large role in Rodgers’ recent accomplishments.

Brett Favre is part of the former group. And according to the Hall of Fame, Adams would have trouble putting up the same production in Las Vegas as he did in Green Bay.

“I think Davante owes a great deal of gratitude to Aaron and the packers who crafted it,” Favre said this week via Yahoo Sports.

“There is no disdain for Davante whatsoever–there is no disdain for Davante whatsoever,” he said. “I think Davante will make Derek Carr even better, and in time, they will be a dynamic duo. Now will he be the duo that had Aaron and Davante? Time will tell. I think Derek Carr is a very good midfielder, but he’s not in Aaron’s league yet. He might not be. Never, and that’s not disrespectful either.

“It’s just hard to change gears, especially from a prolific player like Aaron Rodgers. I’d be shocked if he had the same year as this year. It doesn’t mean he can’t do it, but I’d be shocked.”

On Monday, Colin Cord disagreed with dropping Favre.

“Derek Carr has been leading the NFL in a fourth-quarter comeback for the past seven years,” Cord said in “The Herd.” He is a top 10 quarterback player. He made a dysfunctional sideshow last year in the AFC Qualifiers, Conference Top. He can win, he’s a top level player with no names, beginners. That’s what Davante Adams and Josh McDaniels get for it.”

Brett Favre ‘will be shocked’ if Davante Adams repeats 2021 season

Brett Favre

Brett Favre doesn’t think Davante Adams will get the same production as his 2021 campaign, saying he would “be shocked” if he did with Carr. Colin Cowherd reacts to Favre’s comments and explains why Adams will have a solid first season with the Raiders.

Cord continued to stress that it is Rodgers who will undergo a downtrend, not Adams.

“Aaron Rodgers’ No. 1 receiver now is Allen Lazard. I’m not sure he can make the rams or the bucks. Or is he the ghost of Sammy Watkins? Or a broad receiver in the second round. [Christian Watson] Who is FCS School? Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a #1 or #2 receiver. I look at these guys as three or four.

“I think the unanimous decision winner in this trade is Davante Adams, who will join an attack-minded program. I think Green Bay will take massive action. A step back.”

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