December 9, 2023

It was one of the most popular manga in the late 80’s Spurgeon. History of the life of the owner of the title Spriggan Agent In his mission to shut down old technology, he’s produced an anime movie and now a new anime series, but this newer iteration doesn’t quite work out.

The The original manga of Spurgeon It was an interesting premise. Adolescence Yoo Aomine He lives a double life as a high school student and a high-ranking agent in a secret company called Arkham.

The purpose of Arcam is to isolate old and potentially dangerous technology from people who might misuse it, i.e. the military weapons of the various governments of the world. Arcam field agents, known as Spriggans, are tasked with this undertaking, often by any means necessary.

The manga then made it to all the right ’80s points, from the Japanese high school student who is actually a top secret agent with amazing physical powers, to the discovery of a mysterious ancient technology called OOParts (or just ‘inappropriate artifacts’).

use the word “sprigganIt wasn’t accidental either. An old English word, describing magical and powerful beings that guard places of strength or hidden treasures.

Over the course of the seven years of the manga series, it has covered a range of set story arcs and has found a fitting huge audience in the process. Of course, anime adaptation was inevitable but here’s where Spurgeon The curse began to kick.

Adapting any long-running manga isn’t easy, even if it’s one with separate, distinct story arcs. However, the story of Noah’s Ark was chosen from the manga for a movie and was supposed to be directed by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Suffering long production delays, it seemed that the film would never be produced. However, with some production changes and Otomo stepping aside for a more supporting role, it resulted in a decent movie but didn’t represent the manga well.

To be fair, this genre has happened before with the first anime adaptation ghost in bowl by Mamoru Oshii. This was more in line with Oshi’s earlier work, rather than the original manga they sourced from. Admittedly, Aoshi felt that he had failed to adapt ghost in bowlBut the resulting movie was still great.

Maybe with logic Spurgeon It was that Otomo is the same as the manga creator, so he adapts Spurgeon It would be more clear under his supervision, but it didn’t work out that way.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, the 1998 movie by Spurgeon Not bad at all and it captures most of the main manga’s story beat, but it lacks a lot of ’80s vibes and attitude from the manga.

Then we got Spurgeon The game is on the original PlayStation. Call lunar verse And developed by FromSoftware, it was an embarrassing and useless mess. Once again, damn Spurgeon Another adaptation has occurred.

Why did he mention all this? Well, it is closely related to how this new anime series is adapted Spurgeon Get closer to the source material and try to be more faithful as a result.

It runs in six episodes, and each episode covers a separate story from the manga, including the Noah’s Ark story adapted by the movie, but I’ll get to that later.

Each story is faithfully recreated from the manga but with a heavy focus on the bloody action scenes, which leads to the main problem in the series.

The whole problem the movie had with its story was that it had to be rushed. The manga took a long time with the buildup and preparation of each story, so when the OOP parts were revealed and the action started, the slow pace made the gains well worth it.

With this series, we hardly get any time to understand what’s going on as Yuu disembowels the shady government forces that get in his way before the story really sinks in.

To make matters worse, the animation approach is a strange mixture of 2D and 3D. Normally, with hybrid animation settings like this, the 2D aspect deals with the characters being covered by 3D hardware. In this case, both 2D and 3D cover characters, with 3D used in more complex motion sequences.

The overall result of each episode is that each story is cut and slashed with bloody action sequences that seem wonky, as they shift poorly between 2D and 3D.

It was also a mistake to cover the story of Noah’s Ark in this new series format, as it results in obvious comparisons to the previous movie. While the series’ version of the story is arguably more faithful and handles characterization better, as well as a more compelling depiction of the Ark, the shorter runtime and outside of the main animation offers no preference for the series’ version.

Much like Spriggan’s agents trying to block out old technology, it feels like Spurgeon Manga should be treated reciprocally. From the movie until now this new series, it seems like magic made the original Spurgeon Manga is very special beyond modern means of understanding.

Spurgeon Currently available to watch Netflix.

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