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Today’s Wordle Word Of The Day #379 Hint And Answer Sunday July 3rd

It’s July 3 already, which means tomorrow we’ll all be grilling, waving American flags (made in China) and doing all things patriotic.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved the Fourth of July and considered myself a patriot like the next guy. I just find waving the myriad of flags a bit strange.

But it’s a day for parades, and if you live somewhere that isn’t as dry as tinderbox, you’ll find the fireworks. Unfortunately for my humble narrator, I live in a land of wildfires where fireworks are wisely banned. The trade-off between freedom and security is never quite as straightforward as it is when it comes to flammable things, like the forests of Ponderosa.

Anyway, I’ll have to come up with some patriotic words for Wordle tomorrow. Today I went with a really good starter word that ended up helping me get today’s Wordle on only three guesses, which isn’t half bad.

So let’s take a look at Wordle today. Some helpful links await but feel free to skip down for the answer and hint.

How to play Wordle

Today’s Wordle Hint and Answer

But, of course, it is not without a mandatory spoiler warning. You have been warned. can you dig it?

Now, the hint: one of the most beautiful smelling flowers known to the human race.

The answer is. . . .

Look, my hint wasn’t wrong.

There is very little in this world that smells better than the blossoms of a lilac tree. Syringa vulgaris, As it is known by nerds scholars, it comes from the Balkan Peninsula but is widespread throughout Europe and the Americas. It can be found in the wild here but it is almost always the result of human habitation. It is really a beautiful flower. Oddly enough, it is part of the olive family Oleaceae which also includes olive, ash, jasmine, forsythia, and stone.

Anyway, my first guess squeak (As the door squeaks instead of the cool, meandering creek) It actually ended up being a great opener. On average, this reduces potential solutions to just 137 according to Wordle Bot, but this time I only have 8 left. Awesome!

My next guess, pivot, I got a monogram – an “L” in yellow – but it reduced the possible solutions to 2. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time and I admit I found myself in a bind. I ended up guessing that the letter ‘C’ would be at the end and making the sound that would –ack—Then he did it again with ‘L’—lack-This is what prompted me to answer, purple.

I’m glad the word wasn’t the other option—iliac –Because that’s just as mysterious as hell. this means, Related to the ilium or adjacent areas of the lower body And remember it because someday it will be the word of the day.

Be well, little grasshoppers, and celebrate. See you on the 4th of July.

Oh, and if you Weird things See my review of the two-part finale of Season 4 here. I had some problems with it. It wasn’t terrible but it was still a bit frustrating for many reasons. This is life!

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