December 4, 2023

A populist politician in Ireland has criticized the country’s state exams as containing “pure propaganda” after pupils were provided with documents promoting important black lives and concepts such as “white privilege” and “petty aggression”.

Herman Kelly, head of Ireland’s skeptical EU Freedom Party, criticized two nationwide tests in Ireland on Tuesday as containing “pure propaganda” that “is worthy only of a communist country”.

Documents praising the BLM and promoting pupils studying the subject of ‘politics and society’ have been submitted as part of the Graduate Certificate Examinations in Ireland – an examination process similar to England’s A-level system, which largely determines which universities high school graduates can enter. The concepts of ‘white privilege’ and ‘petty aggression’.

Divided into two different levels – higher And the Normal – For the purpose of evaluating students of various subject competencies, both nationwide exams taken earlier this week contain concepts that often push to the far left.

For example, in an Ordinary Level paper, students were asked to examine two sources and answer questions about “unregistered” (illegal) immigrants.

The first source was an infographic entitled “Live here, work here, you are here” published by the Center for Immigrant Rights in Ireland, containing various statistics on illegal immigration in Ireland.

The second source is an excerpt from a left-wing post the magazinewhich included suggestions that a near-total amnesty for illegal immigrants currently taking place in the country might not do the trick.

Among the set of questions students were asked to complete on these documents, students were asked to “describe a citizenship project that you could undertake, based on organizing an event to raise awareness about the plight of illegal immigrants in Ireland”.

Other notable questions in the paper include Question A

The latter is linked to other infographics indicating the Black Lives Matter movement.

The higher level paper was similar in tone to the ordinary level examination, as pupils were asked to look at two documents, the first of which discussed ‘white privilege’ and ‘petty assaults’.

The second document was another infographic, this time from the Irish Anti-Racism Network linked to George Soros and the NGO’s so-called iReport racism reporting system.

This latter document is also listed as having been drafted by Dr Lucy Michael, a major ‘anti-racist’ academic in Ireland who has become involved In a scandal after recording it, he talks to a conservative journalist undercover in the country who was impersonating “Antiva” at the time.

When Requested by secret reporter from burkini If she was “okay in the potential physical handling” of the so-called “alt-right” and “did…what should be done,” she replied that she “would not refuse,” and the academic also called her “professionals.” [and] Personal opinion” as separate.

Students were also asked a whole range of questions on the topic of climate change, including a question about how the Irish government interpreted the survey results in relation to “higher taxes on energy and fuel”.

Speaking to Breitbart Europe regarding the controversial exams, Brexit campaign veteran and former Irish teacher Herman Kelly criticized the papers, saying they were “clearly not about education and debate but about the flashback of the worldview and value system shaped by cultural Marxism”.

“This is pure propaganda on the Richter scale, and only worthy of a communist country,” said the former high school teacher of science, mathematics, classical studies, and religious education.

“All the far-left slogans are out there,” said the head of the Irish Freedom Party. “Class war, climate action, gender ideology, pro-EU empire, mass immigration… The most outrageous section is the fake Immigrant Rights Center’s survey of people living in Ireland illegally, and what it calls “undocumented.”

“The state uses the education system to shape the minds of susceptible and idealized teens to become maids of big government and compatible repeaters of ‘latest things,’ be it trans rights or BLM on arrival from the United States,” in the conclusion.

Parents should object to the infiltration of these materials into school curricula. It is the parents, not the state, who are responsible for the education of their children. It’s time for them to take this task seriously.”

Disclaimer: The author of this article previously worked as a lead project coordinator at burkiniand participated in the Irish Antifa Project 2020 exhibition mentioned above.

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