November 28, 2023

Through two days of free agency, there were 58 new contracts and nine contract extensions with an estimated net worth of more than $2.8 billion. (from the genius Keith SmithAcross Mark Stein.)

But there are still plenty of quality free agents out there – plenty of players who can help teams.

As of Saturday 4 Eastern, here’s our list of the 10 best free proxies that are still available (with comments).

1) James Harden

While he is still technically available, Harden will re-sign with the 76ers on a three-year deal and the two sides will meet this weekend to work out the details. No other teams are targeting it.

2) Dender Eaton

if Kevin Durant Heading to The Sun, Eaton is almost certainly heading to Brooklyn on brand and commerce (and networks can build around Eaton and Ben Simmons) that will get the No. 1 ex who chooses the money he wants. However, if Durant does end up elsewhere, the contract cap – or even near the maximum – from offerings from outside of Phoenix for Ayton could have dried up. On the other hand, if Durant isn’t the Sun, it may be time for the Suns and Ayton to patch up their differences and agree to a short-term deal that keeps Phoenix as rivals.

3) Miles Bridges

He was arrested for a domestic violence felony in Los Angeles over what, based on his wife’s comments, is a deeply disturbing case. Although it is technically a restricted free agent, there are no teams making offers for its services. There is grumbling that the Hornets might withdraw his qualifying bid and let him run unfettered as an unrestricted free agent. Until his legal case is settled, no team comes close to him.

4) Colin Sexton

Sexton only played in 11 games last season due to a meniscus tear that required surgery, which slowed down performances. He was seen by some as the sixth man. There has been buzz around Dallas’ interest, but so far there isn’t anything official that he likes on the table. Most teams envision it in the $10 million range for the season.

5) TJ Warren

If he’s healthy, Warren may be stealing. The last time we saw him play, in the bubble, he averaged 26.6 points and 6.3 rebounds per game. Over that entire season, he averaged 19.8 points and 4.2 rebounds while shooting 40.3% of 3. However, he has played only four games in the past two seasons due to stress fractures and other foot problems. There is a risk, but it is relatively small at a lower level than a medium level exception, and the reward can be very high.

6) Caleb Martin

The Miami Heat winger is a restricted free agent who rose in every aspect of his game last season and was a good part of the Heat rotation, averaging 9.3 points in under 23 minutes per night. He shot 41.3% of 3 on the Heat and finished well around the edge. There has been buzz about the interest by the Timberwolves, but with all their recent moves, it’s unclear if that interest is still there. Caleb’s twin brother Corey has just been locked up by the Hornets in a four-year, $32 million deal, Caleb might not have a lot of money but it brings value.

7) Dennis Schroeder

A team looking for some depth of reserve point guard will approach Schroeder, who averaged 13.5 points in last season’s game split between Boston and Houston. I noticed the difference that when the Celtics reduced Schroeder’s role and gave Marcus Smart More point guard responsibilities, team improvement, Schroeder doesn’t move the needle for an opponent. However, he’s an NBA-level rotating point guard and can pass and shoot all three quite well (34.4% last season), giving the team 20 minutes a night. He will play somewhere in the Federation next season.

8) montrezel harrel

The former sixth man of the year will bring energy, make good picks, roll hard to the edge, and give the team a solid 20 minutes a night off the bench. He averaged 13.1 points and 6.8 rebounds in a game last season when he came off the bench at Washington and Charlotte. Harrell is a role eater, a big guy who can help out during the regular season and fans will love his rambling, but his lack of defense means he’s fading out of the spin in the playoffs. There is a team that has a role for him.

9)Cousins ​​of DeMarcus

He showed in Denver last season that he can be a strong reserve position, pinning second Nuggets when he Nikola Jokic He was on the bench. At or just above the veteran’s minimum, Cousins ​​can bring that to another team and help rotate them on the front lines. The Nuggets might re-sign it, but Cousins ​​should have options as teams look at their streak rotations and discover they need another position.

10)Frank Jackson

The Pistons gave 10.6 points in 22 minutes into the game when he was healthy last season, but with Detroit focused on the upside of the young guards Jackson comes out with the Pistons. If the team can help him find his 3-point shot again – it was over 40% two seasons ago and down to 30.8% last season – there is value in him as a third goalkeeper who can play on or off the ball. He’s a good man in the locker room, works hard in defense and has a role to play in the NBA.

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