December 9, 2023

July is here, which means we’re officially past the halfway point for 2022. What a year it has been!

Looking back over the past six months, I can honestly say Wordle has been one of the few silver medals of a very tough year. I’m still feeling a little lethargic and tired from my June bout with COVID-19. Inflation is crazy. The war in Ukraine continues with no sign of stopping (and we continue to engage ourselves in this conflict with no sign of stopping).

It’s a little stressful if you ask me. Thank the gods for playing, be it Elden Ring, Call of Duty, Mario Kart 8 or Wordl.

The latter is of course why we are here today. The word of the day is also the correct word. Let’s take a look, shall we Arabs?

How to play Wordle

Today’s Wordle #378 Hint and Answer

Spoilers, spoilers, doubles and troellers. Burning fire and boiler boilers. You have been warned, Macbeth!

First, a hint: the white heron.

The answer is. . .

It started with Romanian Because it is July, a month is named in honor of one of the most famous Roman leaders of all time, Julius Caesar, although his rule came before the Roman Republic officially became an empire. Caesar took power from a weak Senate after waging a civil war against his chief rival Pompey. A hugely popular general and prolific historian, he ruled as a dictator for only a few years before he was assassinated.

It was Octavian, the nephew of Caesar the Elder – later named Augustus – who later emerged as the first and one of the greatest Roman emperors.

But I digress. roman, As appropriate, just reduce the remaining solutions to 206 – an unlucky result.

According to the Wordle Bot, from here I should have guessed wing but at least chirp Reduce the remaining odds to 50. Explosion It would have been one of Wordle Bot’s top picks, and in fact, it reduced the remaining possible solutions to just 1.

One of the remaining solutions is very tricky as it happens. I had to think long and hard before I stumbled egret, It is a type of white heron but can also refer to fashion that uses feathers. However, I got there at four, so I feel good about it. I just need to remember words like wing And the visitor For Wordles in the future!

Hope you have a lovely weekend in July, dear Wordlers. see you tomorrow!

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