December 3, 2023

The latest episode of boys It was another great entry in what was one of the show’s strongest seasons.

I actually found the scenes with Black Noir more interesting than last week’s superhero orgy ‘Herogasm’. Sure, that was a lot gross and boys At its best, but sometimes I prefer this show when it derails in less overtly X-rated ways.

This was the case with Black Noir in Season 3, Episode 7′Here comes a candle to light you to sleep. The entire episode was full of great tidbits including “Spoilers!” Surprisingly, Soldier Boy is actually the father of Homelander (by donating sperm). This will surely throw the wrench into Butcher and Hogie’s plans to have a boy soldier help them kill the Homelander, although I guess you don’t really know about this psychological trickery.

But the best part of the episode for me was watching Black Noir in his new hideaway, a kids’ pizzeria called Buster Beaver’s Pizza. Amazon released a fake ad for this kid-friendly restaurant in February (as Vought International):

It’s basically Chuck E. Cheese from boys universe, and it just seemed like another weird joke when this came out. Turns out, these fictional characters are actually a big part of the show, the always-silent inner child of Black Noir.

Really, it turns out that Black Noir is always surrounded by these animated characters. They talk to him constantly, and not just during these scenes. We’re finally privy to the supe’s internal dialogue. He has constant companions who happen to be adorable cartoon animals.

In Episode 7, they work through Black Noir’s history with Soldier Boy and reveal the violent bully he was to Black Noir, giving Noir a reason to work with Edgar and the rest of the Payback team to betray Soldier Boy and turn him over to the Russians. We also learn why he is so afraid of his former leader.

On the other hand, Homelander has never been a violent bully to Black Noir, which explains his loyalty to the new man in charge despite Homelander’s apparent evil tendencies.

Anyway, there’s a very short post-credits scene that once again shows these adorable little creatures, and while they’re actually only a few seconds long, I think a lot of people have probably missed it, and if, like me, you’ve enjoyed these Black Noir scenes, You may want to check it out.

spoilers in the future.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of restarting the episode again and forwarding the credits quickly, I can explain what happens here. not much!

Basically, the entire animation crew is heading out onto the stage holding hands and giving a bow. It’s just a curtain call, but it’s kind of a fun little Easter egg.

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