December 5, 2023

We don’t yet know who the quarterback will play for the Cleveland Browns for the majority of the 2022 season.

Apparently the team would like Deshaun Watson, given that Brown traded a huge amount of money to the Houston Texans for his services, then handed him a fully guaranteed $230 million contract despite him being accused of more than two dozen women of sexual misconduct. The structure of this contract – with a minimum base salary in the first year of the deal – indicates that both Watson and Browns expect Jacobi Brissett to start more than a few games this season, which is less than ideal.

Appear in Rich Eisen Show Earlier this week, former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III – who played for the Browns in 2016 – said he believes the team should try to mend ties with Baker Mayfield so he can take the reins below the center if And when Watson is suspended for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

“I think Brown should offer Baker an olive branch and tell him to stay if Deshaun Watson is suspended for an extended period of time,” Griffin told Eisen. “Baker has proven in this city that he can win a playoff, get you to the playoffs and do all these things. Last year, he played painfully and wasn’t very effective. The bottom line is that Baker Mayfield is better than Jacobi Brissett, that’s just the bottom line. And if you’re going to play an entire season with a guy, your best option is to go back to Baker Mayfield and beg him to stay.”

For his part, Mayfield does not seem interested in such an arrangement. At least not now.

“No, I think for that to happen there has to be some communication but we’re willing to move forward I think from both sides,” Mayfield said On the possibility of playing for Brown this season.

Griffin thinks Brown should do just that, and he even knows what they have to say. “I think Brown should approach Becker and say, ‘We need you, we’re sorry for how this all works, but we want to give you a chance to get out there and prove yourself,'” and I think Becker should take that,” Griffin said.

This seems a highly unlikely scenario, given the way this entire situation has been handled thus far, but with Mayfield still on the squad list until he’s officially traded elsewhere, it would be seen as a reasonable option and there would be people supporting he-she.

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