March 4, 2024

Companies may find it more difficult to screen candidates now that deepfakes are involved. The FBI warns that employers have interviewed people who have used face-changing technology to mimic someone else, and are also passing on stolen personal information as their own.

People using deepfakes – a technique that uses artificial intelligence to make it look as if a person is actually doing or saying things they aren’t doing – have been interviewing for remote or home-based jobs in IT, programming, database and other Software related rolesAccording to an FBI public service announcement. Employers note some obvious signs of digital deception when lip movements and facial actions do not match the interviewee’s voice, especially when he or she coughs or sneezes.

The deep fake interviewees also attempted to pass on personally identifiable information stolen from another person in order to pass background checks.

This is the latest use of deep fake, which entered the mainstream in 2019 with Disturbing to fake in disguise Others’ faces and voices put victims in embarrassing situations such as pornography, or cause political unrest. Amateurs have used deepfakes for milder stunts ever since, such as removing traces of aging Disney Plus ‘The Mandalorian’ Or trade in a very serious Caped Crusader for a more fun one In the scenes of Batman.

But the threat of deepfakes being used for political purposes remains, as does Facebook Remove fake video Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky back in March. The European Union just reinforced the rules for disinformation to deepfake suppressionBut using it in casual situations like job interviews shows how easy the deception technique can be to get and use it.

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