December 2, 2023

news that USC And the University of California they leave Buck 12 to big ten The year 2024 is just the latest development in what is ever-changing college football natural views.

The official announcement made Thursday, It’s a fatal blow for the Pac-12 Conference, which has not sent a team to the College Football Playoff since the 2016 Washington Huskies and has fought for relevance in the Power Five scene that dominates it SEC and Big Ten. This move also comes almost a year after the Powers of the Big 12 Texas And the Oklahoma Officially accepted invitations to join the SEC in 2025.

When all is said and done, the Big Ten will have five football fields Capacity 90,000 or more.

In “The Herd” on Friday, college football Hall of Fame and FOX College football studio analyst Matt Lennart, former USC quarterback and Heisman Cup winner, joined Joy Taylor to explain the news.

“I was shocked by the initial announcement, [but] I can’t say I’m surprised that this happened. “I think when you look at the current college football scene [and] Where to turn – Oklahoma and Texas were really the first dominoes last year to say, “Hey, we’re going to the SEC,” for obvious reasons. USC being a huge national brand continues despite the lack of competitiveness in this field. It was just a no-brainer. …I am not surprised that they made such a move that would greatly benefit them and UCLA. “

Matt Lennart on USC and UCLA leaving Pac-12 for the Big Ten

Matt Lennart on USC and UCLA leaving Pac-12 for the Big Ten

Lennart discusses the news of the USC and UCLA leaving the Pac-12 for the Big Ten.

Lennart went on to discuss what the move means for college football in general and how it will affect the league going forward.

“I think we’re moving towards – it feels like – a professional model with two huge conferences,” he said. “You have the Securities and Exchange Commission, which brought in Oklahoma and Texas. Now you have the Big Ten, which brings in USC and UCLA. The whole landscape is changing. … The Big 12 was able to bring some new membership last year to kinda survive, But the overall landscape, that is changing.

“I think NIL (Name, Picture, Similarity) is something else, the transfer gate. There [are] Lots of different issues right now. …everything will settle down at some point. It’s new [normal]And I think we should get used to that – for better or worse. It feels like you’re either part of the future – you’re drowning or you’re swimming. Some teams will sink and some teams will jump and try to survive.”

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