December 5, 2023

The 40,000 Army National Guard members who are not fully vaccinated against the coronavirus after the deadline will not be allowed to participate in federal training, leading to forfeiture of their future salaries.

Thursday was the deadline for the Army National Guard to receive the vaccine. Of the more than 40,000 Guard members who are not immunized against COVID-19, 14,000 said they do not intend to receive the vaccine at all, Guard officials told CBS News.

The Army announced Friday that members of the Guard who continue to refuse vaccinations will not be allowed to attend federally funded weekends and will not be paid. However, they can still receive paychecks from their state when serving on a particular mission by state governors.

Guard officials told CBS News that they hope not getting paid for the weekend will change the minds of vaccine refuseniks. Over time, those who have not been vaccinated will not only lose their paycheck by losing prospecting on the weekend, but may also lose their efficiency, no longer be able to do their job, and face layoffs.

The Army National Guard had set the last date for receiving the vaccine for all service components.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin required a vaccination for all service members last year, but let each service branch decide its own schedule. The Army has set deadlines for active-duty personnel on December 15, 2021, and June 30, for the Army Reserve and National Guard.

As of June 30, 89% of the Military National Guard had received a single dose and 87% had been fully vaccinated, according to figures released by the military.

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