January 31, 2023

President Joe Biden reversed about the disruption, hours after his aides said one of them wasn’t coming, doesn’t seem to have the intended effects in the Senate — and now a senior member of his party tells him to forget about it.

Dick Durbin, the Senate majority whip, spoke at a news conference Thursday from Madrid, Spain, as Biden and a group of lawmakers attend a NATO meeting in the city.

At the press conference, Mr. Durbin dismissed the idea that the disruption was going anywhere, noting that Democrats had already fallen by one vote due to the hospitalization of Seine Patrick Leahy, and they still had to deal with two members of their caucus who did not support changing the disruption for any reason. the reasons.

These two senators, Joe Manchin and Kirsten Senema, reiterated their opposition to changing the disruption Thursday through statements from their spokespersons.

“You know the numbers. The Senate is 50-50 and now we have one senator who just had surgery,” Durbin told reporters on Thursday.

“The idea of ​​changing the rules is that you’re really at the mercy of one or two senators who can make that decision for us,” Durbin added, referring to Ms. Senema and Mr. Manchin.

His remarks likely mean that any effort to codify abortion rights into law is unsuccessful, given the Republican Party’s strong opposition to the idea (his party leadership already indicates his support for a national abortion ban). Democrats will need at least two more votes in the Senate to change the stall, something that could happen next January as soon as possible.

Mr. Leahy’s hospitalization likely means that any other legislation that can be passed through the 50-vote reconciliation procedure is also temporarily sidelined.

Altogether, the situation is unfavorable for Democrats in both the House and Senate. House members are concerned that the Chamber will likely move into Republican control after the midterms, meaning that any further attempts to get the legislation out of the House (which must be rewritten with the next Congress) will be impossible. Meanwhile, the party’s base actively blames their leaders, including Biden, for inaction and refusal to take measures that appear to be feared will further provoke the Republican Party. This inaction could prompt voters, especially younger Americans, to stay home in November if they lack confidence in Democrats’ ability to govern effectively or stand up to their Republican rivals.

Vice President Kamala Harris, a former senator like Biden, issued her own statement calling for the disruption change on Thursday as well, joining a startling White House reversal that has repeatedly stated that the president would not support such a change.

“We have to codify Raw vs. Wade In law. If the disruption gets in the way, the Senate needs an exception to get this done,” Ms Harris tweeted Thursday.

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