December 3, 2023

If you share an email address with the NFT marketplace OpenSea, you are likely to start receiving some scam emails soon.

OpenSea said Wednesday that an employee of email seller had abused employee access to share email addresses with an “unauthorized third party.” These are the titles that OpenSea users and subscribers to the company’s newsletter have shared with OpenSea.

“We are working with on their ongoing investigation, and we have reported this incident to law enforcement,” the company said in a statement. Blog post.

Put aside the fact that one of the main functions of an email delivery seller is Not Leaking users’ addresses around, this isn’t as horrific as some of the other data breaches, where only users’ email addresses were affected.

But since this is encryption, basically every OpenSea user will almost certainly start receiving scam emails, with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimpersonating OpenSea and getting them to install malware or hand over private keys for cryptocurrency.

In her blog post, OpenSea is User setup Here’s the possibility with some advice on the types of phishing addresses they might see, a list of precautions they should take, including only trusting emails from the “” domain, never downloading any attachments in an OpenSea email, and never Share passwords or secret wallet phrases with anyone. Users should also be wary of any URLs shared in an OpenSea email, and should never sign wallet transactions that are claimed directly from the email.

This isn’t the first security issue OpenSea has encountered in its history. In January, hackers exploited a asthenia In order to sell NFTs to users and keep profit; In May, Discord was OpenSea Hacked. And let’s not forget that an OpenSea employee was arrested for insider trading in June.

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