December 9, 2023

Kevin Durant Trade order From Brooklyn Networks, placing one of the greatest players in NBA history officially on the commercial market. Durant is about to begin a new four-year contract extension that will pay him $194 million over the course of the deal.

Durant is said to have two teams on his list of favorite destinations: Miami Heat And the Phoenix Suns. Each team earned a top seed in their own playoff conference last year, but failed to advance to the NBA Finals.

Rumors of Durant’s possible departure from the Nets began when the franchise refused to give Kyrie Irving a long-term maximum contract that he was seeking. Instead, Irving chose the final year of his deal with Brooklyn for $36 million. Now it is very likely that both players will be traded this season and will never play another game with the Nets. Durant reportedly requested a deal from the Nets because they would not give Irving the contract he was seeking, Per Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Nets were the favorites for the tournament entering last season. Then Irving wasn’t available for most of the year after refusing to take a Covid vaccine, James Harden demanded a trade and was sent to Philadelphia 76ersJoe Harris suffered a season-ending injury and swept the net – with Durant and Irving on the floor – in the first round by Boston Celtics.

brooklyn city Essentially all future draft picks to the Houston Rockets due to the original Harden trade, so don’t expect the Nets to seek a full rebuild in this deal.

We are tracking every commercial rumor about Durant in this post until it is finally addressed. You can bet on his next destination in DraftKings Sportsbook In AZ, CO, IL, LA, NH, ON, OR, WV & WY.

Durant listed Suns and Heat as favorite destinations, per Woj

Kevin Durant asked for a deal from the Nets because Kyrie Irving didn’t get a long-term contract from Brooklyn

Nets will trade Kyrie Irving as well as Kevin Durant per Woj

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could be traded to the same team, but it’s unlikely, according to Woj

Kyrie Irving tells people he’s going to the Lakers

“More than half of the league have called about Durant,” according to Woj

The Nets are interested in Devin Booker and Bam Adebayo, but they can’t legally trade either of them because of Ben Simmons

Mavericks expected to chase Kyrie Irving after losing Jalen Bronson, says report

The Suns focuses on Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s Suns commercial kicks off with Deandre Ayton

We will update this story as it develops.

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