April 13, 2024

Rafael said UTD . Podcast That he got a call from CR7 when he was a teenager and his influence helped them make their decision.

“Call my phone, and I will never forget it,” said the present Botafogo man.

Image Credit: Alami

“My phone had all zeros on it [on the screen, to indicate an international call] And I was like, ‘Who is this? I’ve never had a call like that.’ I answered him and knew him because I had trained with him before.

He just said: Ah, [Portuguese greeting]! I ran into my bus and said: It’s Ronaldo, it’s Ronaldo! He invites us to talk! “

“He just said, ‘It’s raining here, it’s raining here in Manchester, you know.’ He said, ‘I’m calling to tell you guys: Sign for Manchester United.’ I know you’re going to love it,” etc.

“I couldn’t believe [it]. It was amazing.”

Image Credit: Alami
Image Credit: Alami

Fabio shared a similar story in 2020 and explained that Ronaldo helped them overcome language barriers and trust issues while playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Rafael became United’s starting right-back after Gary Neville’s retirement and won three Premier League titles during his time at Old Trafford.

Meanwhile, Fabio had only one Premier League medal in 2010-2011 and spent time on loan at Queens Park Rangers.

It was sold to Cardiff City in 2014 and now plays for Nantes in Ligue 1.

Image Credit: Alami
Image Credit: Alami

Arsenal were United’s biggest rivals in the 2000s, and Ferguson didn’t want to lose two young stars to Arsene Wenger.

The Red Devils moved quickly to capture the Fluminense brothers and both fell out as successful transfers.

Ronaldo is currently in his second term with United and scored 24 goals last season.

Ronaldo’s agent? It seems to be a real thing.

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