December 6, 2023

… Replacing Marquis Brown? The Ravens traded Browns for the Cardinals on day one of this year’s draft, and here’s the thing: Browns had 91 receptions for 1,008 yards and six touchdowns last year. He was second on the team in moments, just behind Mark Andrews, who drove all the tight ends in receptions, taking yards and receiving touchdowns. The guy was on fire, but he’s going to need some help this year. Rashod Pittman, selected in the first round of 2021, is the man the Ravens are counting on to advance. He was fit last year after missing the first five weeks with a thigh injury, capturing 46 for 515 yards and landing. But he has collected at least 80 yards in three of his last seven games for Lamar last year. I expect a big hack for it. Remember, Sammy Watkins passed away this year as well.

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