December 3, 2023

Andreas Pereira He scored a crazy win in Flamengo’s 1-0 win over Deportes Tolima and Manchester United Fans believe that “pre-season Pirlo” is already starting to appear.

The 26-year-old is currently on loan with the Brazilian team and is expected to return to Old Trafford in the coming weeks.

He continued this trend overnight and in the 17th minute unleashed a thunderbolt that left goalkeeper Alexandre Dominguez to the penalty spot.

Pereira tore off his shirt in celebration and the whole seat became unruly. They still had 73 minutes left, but they celebrated by hitting like a last-minute winner.

Flamengo held on and Pereira’s efforts were not in vain, as the 2021 Libertadores finalists qualified for the quarter-finals of this year’s competition.

It’s technically not a pre-season in Brazil, but United fans are still cracking the obvious joke.

One said: ‘Add another £10m to his price tag right away’.

Another commented: “Pirlo is already moving in pre-season.”

And a third tweeted: “The preparatory season has begun. Enter Sir Andreas Pirlo Perionaldinho.”

While one added: “It’s a £50m asset now, I don’t make the rules.”

Image Credit: Alami

Pereira is desperate to make his movement permanent and tells Risa Simplicio: “I’m not the one to decide – it’s up to Man United. I’d like to stay at Flamengo, but it’s not up to me.

“I’ll see what’s best for me and the club. I love Flamengo. We’ll talk soon and decide.”

Earlier this month, Flamengo’s chief junior spoke glowingly about Pereira, claiming he has the potential to grow.

Junior said: “It’s just an opinion. I hope it stays that way. Players of this caliber, players with this potential, are few in Brazil. I have no doubt that this boy can still grow a lot, he can develop a lot.”

“How will that happen? I don’t know, but it would be really cool to hold on to this kid because he has so many qualities.

Image Credit: Alami
Image Credit: Alami

“He’s a player who commands attention in any way. He has potential for growth, and players of this caliber are rare at the moment within this country.”

Other clubs have registered their interest in Pereira, including Fulham and Crystal Palace.

Pereira played 75 games for United and scored four goals. In addition to Flamengo, he has secured loan spells with Granada, Valencia and Lazio.

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