December 5, 2023

Cameron Diaz is set to star alongside Jamie Foxx in a new Netflix original movie, officially ending Diaz’s retirement (which some of us were in). the edge Apparently she never got the memo.) Foxx raised the new movie titled Back to workAnd the in a tweet It contains a voice call between him, Diaz, and Tom Brady, whose 40-day football retirement lasted.

in press releaseNetflix doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming movie other than that it is an action comedy directed, produced and written by Seth Gordon, the director behind Very bad managers. Bo Boman Central Intelligence It will serve as a product, and Neighbour’ Brendan O’Brien helps write the script. Netflix says the introduction to the film will remain “kept secret” and that production will begin later this year. Diaz last appeared in the 2014 remake of that I, in which Foxx also starred. The pair previously had roles in the 1999 sports drama any sunday.

While Netflix currently has 74.58 million subscribers in the US and Canada and about 222 million worldwide, the platform reported losing subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. In May, a survey revealed that more long-term subscribers were leaving Netflix, With 3.6 million people opting out of the platform in the last quarter.

While Netflix is ​​looking to attract new subscribers (and keep existing ones closed), big-name movies like Diaz and Foxx can help do just that. Netflix Project Strengthwho also stars Jamie Foxx, It got 75 million viewers When it came out in 2020. Last year, Netflix . was released red notice With Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds as well gray man It will be released next month starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling.

Far from boosting its content, Netflix plans to roll out a cheaper ad-supported category later this year to counter some of the recent price hikes. It’s testing ways to crack down on password sharing in specific countries, and it’s also exploring live broadcasts.

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